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Packing for every situation (part 1)

Packing for every situation (part 1)

Let’s start off the year of tips on traveling with a list that you should want to consider if you with to do your packing for every situation. Obviously we can’t foresee every situation but the most general problems and situations that you might encounter will be dealt with.

Monsoon season in Asia

Don’t get a plastic poncho – because it very bad for the environment and not the greatest of fashion statements – instead get a small umbrella, they’re seriously underrated. The fold-up umbrella won’t take up a lot of space and will also save you from being drenched by a random monsoon shower. Also don’t be weirded out if you see people using those same umbrellas to protect themselves from the glare of the sun on sunny days.


Pack one or more fold-up canvas shopping bags to take with you because they might come in handy in other circumstances besides going to the super or simple local market. You may also want to pack an insulated cooler bag in case you’re planning to transport perishables.

Updating your blog on the road

Portable devices have become more power hungry as they’ve become even more portable. There are many of us who like to document our everything pretty much, with either photos or video so if this is a priority then you may want to have a special bag to store your devices and chargers. There are actually special bags which come with a removable battery pack which you can use to power your gadgets on the go when there’s no power outlet available.

Music necessities

Music is absolutely essential to pretty much any type of trip, but moreso if you’re planning a road trip. Forget optic media, mp3s are by far a much more efficient way of storing lots of music. Get yourself an MP3 player or use your smartphone or tablet for this reason and also get a GPS app as well



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