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Oulu trip

An Oulu trip will have you visiting one of the most enjoyable Finnish cities, and one of the most wealthy as well. This is another northern town in which summers are never taken for granted, as such during the summer here you’ll see the locals soaking up as much sun as possible, and you’ll see the marketplace stalls overflowing with Arctic berries and many other kinds of delicious foods.

The town’s center is quite an interesting thing to behold, because it is actually spread across many islands which are very elegantly linked to each other via pedestrian bridges, but the water is never far away. This type of layout has made the city centre extremely convenient for cycling and this has lead to Oulu having one of the best network for bike paths in Europe.

Oulu is the country’s sixth-largest city and this may come as bit of a shock to some, but it is also one of the globe’s foremost cities in terms of technology with its university churning out top-tier IT graduates and the corporate science and technology parks surrounding the city employing people from all around the world. The Centre Oulu is rigged to offer free wireless Internet so that anyone can freely use the Internet while relaxing on the terrace of some pub or other.

It’s not all laptops and bicycles here though, there are quite a few traditional attractions one can visit as well, such as the Art Museum, the Science Centre Tietomaa – which was the world’s first science centre, and the Oulu Castle, or better yet what remains of the Castle which was destroyed in a gunpowder deposit explosion, which was ignited by a bolt of lightning.

What used to be the Castle is now a park, a rather large one and there’s a rustic cafe set on the foundations of the castle.

There’s a bit of Nordic weirdness here as well, especially when the World Air-Guitar Championship come to town during the summer.


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