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Ostrava trip

An Ostrava trip will have you visiting the borderland of Moravia and Silesia, two very old regions that have been the reason behind a series of wars and skirmishes throughout the centuries. Ostrava is the third-largest Czech city, however interestingly enough it is the second-largest urban agglomeration after the capital, Prague.

The city is a very dynamic and constantly evolving destination, which maintains strong connections to its past as a steelworks city. Thanks to what used to be the main city’s industry, Ostrava’s skyline is rather striking, but it is no longer dominated by smog, and it actually steadily becoming one of the greenest Czech cities that one can visit.

Those who have visited here a few years back may find a completely new city spanning around them, with a centre that has been overhauled and redeveloped, especially next to the River Ostravice, in the Karolina area.

Shaking off its industrial past, Ostrava has become something of a city of culture, thanks to a large number of theatres, stadiums and other such venues. Also one has to consider the presence of the Beskydy and Jeseniky mountain ranges, which offer a large array of recreational activities, which range from summer hiking to skiing in the winter.

Ostrava offers you a different type of tourist destination than Prague, this city is not brimming with your typical tourist attractions, but there are quite a few things to see and do.

One of the things that you can do is to climb the tall clock tower at the New Town Hall, from which you can enjoy an outstanding 360 degree view of the city. Another old sight that you just have to visit is the 13th century Silesian Ostrava Castle, alongside the St. Wenceslas Church and some very popular Zoological Gardens.

Considering the history of the city, you should also check out the Museum of Coal Mining, which is one of the most visited attractions in the city, and it’s quite the educational visit as well.

An Ostrava trip will be a bit of a different thing than a Prague trip of course, but you might enjoy the change of pace.


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