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Oradea trip

Oradea trip

On your Oradea trip you’ll be visiting one of the most important social, economic and cultural centres in north-western Romania, and it is neatly located between rolling hills and picturesque mountains. It is the tenth largest city in Romania and features a wide array of architectural attractions, as well as other culture developing opportunities.

One of the best ways of enjoying both the city as well as its wonderful surroundings is with the help of our Oradea car hire services.

One major Baroque building that you shouldn’t miss is the Orthodox Church, the Church with the Moon, built between 1784 and 1790, the place is a wonderful example of the style and the interior is also wonderfully painted, featuring also a portrait of one of the local heroes who lead a peasants’ revolt, many centuries ago. The Church is called ‘with the Moon’ because in the belltower there’s a mechanism which starts to move a sphere, which represents the moon – the mechanism is still functioning even though it’s been there since 1793.

A much more monumental attraction is the Black Eagle Palace, built in 1907-1908, in a secession style and it is quite possibly the most important building of its style in Oradea – nowadays is houses a hotel, a cinema, a banks as well as a couple of banks and clubs, definitely worth a visit.

The Bazar, despite its name doesn’t come from the Ottoman influence, instead it was made by a Hungarian architect and it now houses a plethora of different shops and institutions.

While only ruins remain of the Oradea fortress, this was a pentagon-shaped fortress, built between 1570-1618 by Italian architects and it featured a moat. This is the best kept fortress in the Renaissance Italian style left in central Europe.

These are only a few of the things that you can see and do while in Oradea, so make sure that you employ our Oradea car hire services in order to see as much of the place as possible.



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