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North Vietnam Travel

North Vietnam Travel

I have traveled the world and it is amazing! There are, however, a few experiences that are imperative to any person who claims to be a true globe trotter. And that is the Asian experience, a world of exotic wonders without end that waits to unravel its most secret heart. North Vietnam Travel is the first suggestion that comes to my mind right now. It’s accessible and vastly customizable.

Once upon a time, there was a war in this beautiful quiet place. It ended, however, and now Vietnam has managed to forge its new identity based on happy events and traveling. North Vietnam Travel entails tours of Hanoi (the amazing capital city of Vietnam), Ha Long Bay (which can best be explored on a cruise ship) and the natural splendor of Sapa (which offers the most picturesque views over a sleepy town tucked between the slopes of winding hills, fast cool mountain springs and waterfalls singing through the bamboo forests).

But I’d also like to suggest a few more destinations in Vietnam:

Ha Giang is another picturesque, traditional area that strikes one with its natural beauty and the lively agricultural life of the locals. Limestone, springs and mountains entwine in a seductive combination that is a dream come true for any hiker. Ha Giang seems to have been inhabited for over 3000 years, ever since the Bronze Age. Today, the Meo Vac mountain pass remains one of the most breathtaking attractions, while the market of Dong Vang attracts you especially in the months of summer.

Lang Son marks the gateway to China, so the cultural interactions between the two nations are most visible here. It is quite accessible from Hanoi both by railway and by road and if you are into history, it definitely deserves a spot on your list.

North Vietnam Travel is my suggestion for the coming year.



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