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Moscow trip

Moscow trip

The capital of the Russian Federation is known to be a city of extremes, extremes of temperature, of wealth, of architecture, and of prices in general. Moscow is considered to be one of the most, if not the most, expensive city to live in, and some might say one of the most unfriendly ones as well.

Despite what the overall view of the place might be, it’s hard to properly capture the reality of Moscow just by mentioning it is an expensive place to live in, or similar, the capital of Russia finds itself in the middle of something of a creative energy boom, being relatively free from the constriction of censorship and Communist hardships.

This burst of energy can be seen and felt in pretty much every aspect of contemporary culture with old factories and deserted warehouses having been transformed into edgy art galleries and all manner of underground clubs.

The city has taken to modern life in a very big way with world-class venues such as the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum being in a process of expanding and experimenting, while the classics such as Tchaikovsky and Chekhov still keep favor with Moscow theatres but they also coexist with up-and-coming composers, playwrights and the like.

Those who enjoy the foodie culture can have their pick of a plethora of wine bars, coffee bars, sushi bars and even beer bars, while those who want to dance the night away can jump into the dynamic scene of nightclubs, art cafes and underground bars.

But as all of this contemporary life buzzes about the place, one cannot miss the “old part” of Moscow, which history buffs will absolutely love. This is made up by the red-brick towers of the Kremlin which is located on the founding site of the city, alongside monuments and churches of various ages.


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