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Malta trip

Malta trip

While many people consider that the country of Malta is made up of just Malta, it is in fact made up of three individual and inhabited islands, however in this article we’ll be actually talking about Malta.

Malta is the largest of the islands, and as such it is by far the most developed and most touristy. This is where you’ll find the capital of Valleta, the airport and a lot of people going to and fro, going about their days, tourists visiting sights and an all around vibrant and somewhat noisy atmosphere.

The island of Malta is definitely the place to go for the visitor who want a bit of excitement and vibrant life from their vacation, this is not exactly the place to come to if you’re looking for relaxation and rest in the quiet, traditional sense.

Despite its size, the island nation of Malta has been a pivotal part of history ever since humans have started sailing the Mediterranean Sea. The results of this diverse and sometimes tumultuous history can be seen today in the interesting blend of cultures and influences that can be found here. The cuisine is Sicilian-inspired, the language has influences from both Arabic and North African, and the architecture be it ancient or more modern varies just as much.

And talking of ancient architecture, Malta is the place where you can see the oldest free standing stone structure in the world. But the entire island is filled with archaeological dig sites, ruins and all manner of history. In order to get a better idea of what you’re dealing with you should visit the Archaeological Museum where you can see a great range of artifacts which date from the prehistoric period up till the Temple-making period.


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