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Madrid trip

Madrid trip

Madrid is a special type of city, not only Spain’s capital, but its character can be compared to that of a rebellious teenager who at one time was pushing the boundaries of hedonism, but then it grew up into a sophisticated adult – an adult that didn’t forget how to have fun however. This means that in Madrid you’ll be at home whether you prefer to club hop between various nightclubs and bars or you’re more into partaking in the various sources of high culture.

It is interesting to note that despite being the same general league with nearby European capitals, like Rome or Paris, or even Barcelona – Spain’s second-largest city – the architecture of Madrid, while beautiful, doesn’t stand out with major points of interest. You won’t find a Colosseum, an Eiffel Tower, nor even a Gaudi-style building here, but Madrid is more of an idea and a way of life for its inhabitants, more than just a few landmarks that characterize it.

While it may not have one singular attraction, Madrid has a plethora of art galleries which can amaze and astound you, as well as a constantly thumping and bumping nightlife. The latter one is aided by the exceptional live music scene that the capital boasts, which work great with the plethora of restaurants and tapas bars that can be found all around the place.

You should definitely visit the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia which is where you’ll find Picasso’s Guernica, alongside many other important Spanish art pieces in a collection that spans the 20th century up to the ‘80s.

Visitors to Madrid will feel very at home here, possibly because very few inhabitants are originally from here, and this makes the place very open and welcoming to everyone; actually there’s a saying that condenses the atmosphere of the city for everyone: “If you’re in Madrid, you’re from Madrid”.

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