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A Madeira road trip

A Madeira road trip

It’s still cold outside – and this situation is not likely to change in the near future, so today I thought we’d go on a Madeira road trip. Exceedingly popular travel options in the “New World”, with books dedicated to the subject and thousands of people stating their awesomeness, road trips are also feasible in Europe.

Madeira combines the comfort of the European world with the sweet intoxicating savour of Africa and the free unique life of islands. It is also an amazing setting for an unforgettable road trip.

Needed ingredients: a car in Madeira (which you will most probably rent on the island), an itinerary, enthusiasm!

Suggested itinerary: Funchal – Camara de Lobos – Cabo Girao – Ribeira Brava – Ponta do Sol – Calheta – Jardim do Mar – Paul do Mar – Faja da Ovelha – Ponta do Pargo. The total number of kilometers: 55 km.

This road trip goes straight along the Atlantic coastline, offering you breathtaking landscapes over the endless ocean, the villages, the forests of the Laurisilva and the soft sandy beaches. Each place you will pass through is unique and beautiful and we suggest you make stops at all the target spots along the way.

But here is a sneak peek into the beauty of a Madeira road trip. In Funchal, capital city of the autonomous Madeira Island, is a mixture of modernity and tradition. It is home to countless bars, hotels, museums (mostly dedicated to the sea life) and the Funchal Airport.

Like most towns in Madeira, Camara de Lobos used to be a fishermen’s village. Its outstanding beauty inspired the famous politician Sir Winston Churchill to “air” his passion for art, as he painted the picturesque atmosphere.

Finally, the ending point of the trip, Ponta do Pargo, is a particularly peaceful place, where you can take a breath of fresh air and review your amazing journey!



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