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Let’s end a sad story. Help us tell a wonderful story!

Let’s end a sad story. Help us tell a wonderful story!

Our mission is to produce a documentary about BADALA, following the story of four brave, beautiful women Monica, Lillian, Beaty and Helen, who have come a long way from the slums of Nairobi to build a better, dignified life where there is no famine, prostitution or violence.

BADALA is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 by then 17-year old Joelle McNamara to help train and employ single mothers in Eastern Africa who would otherwise have no means to support themselves and their families. By sponsoring and buying their hand-crafted products, you can change a life and save a woman from being forced to resort to prostitution or other such demeaning practices to avoid starvation.

The Kickstarter goal is to help obtain the funds for the production of the film due to enter production in July 2014: $82,524 is the first step, the final cost for full completion of the documentary being $200,000. The funds will be used to cover production costs of the BADALA Documentary, transport of volunteers and ensure their lodgings and basic necessities. The documentary will raise awareness of the problems women in Africa today face and the ways we can help them set themselves free.

How can you help?

The one to make the miracle happen and write the story is you! If you donate to BADALA, your generosity will firstly fund production. It will also be a proof to grant foundations that the story we wish to tell is relevant, important and on demand, and this will attract more donations. But the most important thing is that you will receive a gift crafted by the BADALA ladies in Kenya as a token of gratitude; so it will be like you were employing them for one more day, making them feel useful and feeding their family. (Also know that your donation today is tax deductible). Your deed matters so much!

Who are we?

Meet the crew: Executive Producer, Director and Cinematographer Jillian Arnold, Co-Director, Producer and Editor Dan Ackerman, and BADALA founder and Associate Producer Joelle McNamara are the main people to dream of producing the BADALA Documentary, meant to be aired on American National Television and presented in various important film festivals.

The film will focus on Monica, Lillian, Beaty and Helen, four single mothers as they journey from poverty, prostitution and violence to the hope of a better life. Join us as we learn together their emotional, extraordinary stories about the courage to face adversity and take destiny into your own hands, and also about generous people raising a helping hand.

This story is about you! So donate today, support our Documentary Kickstarter and help us tell a wonderful story!



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