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Lesser known British destinations 4

Lesser known British destinations 4

Today we’ll be looking at a couple more “lesser known British destination”, but this isn’t to say that we won’t talk about these places, or others like them in future articles, just that this particular series of articles is coming to a close with this article.

Hunstanton on the Norfolk coast

This east coast town is known by many as the ‘Sunny Hunny’, and despite its size it has quite a few things going for it. The place features a very wide variety of activities, from criss-crossing the area on a bike, spending time through various galleries, lounging on the beach or discovering new species at the Sea Life Sanctuary or seeing some in their natural environment in a natural reserve. The very large open beaches are a great destination for those who are into wind and sea activities such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing. It should be noted that bird watchers will also have their hands full thanks to the red and white stripped cliffs which are inhabited by a plethora of birdlife.

Broadstairs in Kent

Kent is a much better-known destination on the whole, however we’re talking about one town, Broadstairs, a rather busy seaside town. The place has a plethora of attractions to go with anyone’s preferences and passions, from Victorian architecture, to exhilarating cliff top walks, to strolling along the sandy beaches or eating at some outstanding restaurants. For literature enthusiasts this place is of particular interest since it’s where they can visit the Bleak House – this is the summer home where Charles Dickens stayed while planning and writing David Copperfield.

There are of course many-many other destinations in the British Isles, however regardless of where exactly you’ll be going, keep our United Kingdom car rental services in mind, because seeing the countryside from the comfort of a private car is something that should not be underestimated.



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