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Last-minute flights: a convenient option

Last-minute flights: a convenient option

Let’s face it: today, still not completely out of the woods after the economic crisis, we are all looking for deals. The dynamics of flight ticket prices is already a well-known fact. Waiting until the last moment before buying a ticket may save you a couple hundred dollars, but people will usually advise you against it, as it is quite risky. However, ticked bought well in advance, say a month or more before departure, have the reputation of being very expensive. Seasoned travelers can probably tell you stories about great bargains you can get if you know how to look for the best last-minute deals.

They do say beggars can’t be pickers. So rule number one in inexpensive tickets is to be flexible about the dates of arrival and departure. Since you are “gambling” here, be spontaneous, not picky!

The hour of the flight is also a factor that influences the price of the ticket. So look for a plane that is scheduled very early or very late, as most people are looking for convenient hours and these are more likely to be more expensive. Of course, national holidays or special days are out of the question as well.

Airports are separate businesses – different airport, different prices. If traveling by car or otherwise for an hour or two is not an issue for you, try getting tickets from smaller, less transited airports in your region. This is actually a way to save hundreds of dollars.

Newsletters are tedious for the most part, but they do present relevant information sometimes, so subscribe to the emailing newsletter of airlines may get you surprising last-minute offers. The only issue with this is that you have to be fast: don’t hesitate if you see a deal, or else someone else will snatch it.

The last tip may sound a bit lonely and depressing: travel alone – you will have more chances of getting one deal than more. But even if you are traveling with a group, be sure to mind the advice above.