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Laos trip

Laos trip

Laos-tripA Laos trip will take you to a very well preserved environment, weirdly enough preserved because of years of wars and isolation. Nowadays, Laos is most likely the most relaxed place on Earth, where you can find intact Asian cultures which create a unique atmosphere and are giving the destination cult status amongst travelers.

The country is on the fast-track towards development but it still has a lot of tradition behind it, that has disappeared elsewhere in the region, hopefully Laos can keep its unique culture alive while also stepping into the modern age.

For now, village life is refreshingly simple and somewhat Vientiane to an extent because it’s hard to believe that type of riverfront life exists in a national capital.

One place that you have to visit is the royal city of Luang Prabang, where you can see hundreds of saffron-robed monks that have been moving silently among centuries-old monasteries, which is what you can also do.

The outdoorsy and adventurous travelers will surely want to venture far beyond the cities, where there is so much to see and experience, such as the Plains of Jars in Xieng Khuang Province, or the forested mountains of Northern Laos. Then there are the gothic-looking limeston karsts around Vang Vieng and then in the deep south, past the market town of Pakse, you reach Si Phan Don, where the Mekong spreads out.

The Lao wilderness is drawing travelers who love nature and adventure, kayaking, rafting, rock-climbing and biking are always available, however, it’s the community-based trekking that is very popular because it mixes in spectacular natural attractions with the Laos atmosphere.

The country is definitely developing and in some years it will be a different experience than it is right now, now that doesn’t have to be necessarily a bad thing, but the reality is that going on a Laos trip now you’ll be getting a very traditional experience out of it, and keep some Lao car hire services in mind if you do that.