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Japan trip

Japan trip

japan-tripA Japan trip will take you to a place that is so far removed from Western culture that you might as well think yourself as Charles Darwin finding the Galapagos. You’ll be finding a place that has been evolving at the same time but somehow separate of everything you know and consider to be ordinary.

Those who are interested and passionate about Japanese culture dream of visiting this place for their entire lives, some manage, some don’t, but whether or not this is the case you will still find a wonderful place for discovery.

Japan offers a different definition for the word ‘exotic’ that hits the travel sweet spot, you’ll be seeing a unique civilization that thrives today and blends the very traditional with the very modern. Traveling to Japan is equal parts adventure, equal parts culture shock, the language barrier will be one difficult to overcome but the Japanese people are warm and incredibly welcoming and they might know enough English to help you with directions now and then.

There are various ways of exploring the country, one would be the modern, tech-filled, LED-lit approach, and the other would be the traditional in which you will be staying in a ryokan – traditional Japanese inn – and soak naked in an onsen – hot spring – with a bunch of strangers but rest assured that this is something very ordinary here. Sitting in a robe on tatami mats eating raw fish and vegetables isn’t exactly how you dine back home, but it’s part of the Japanese traditional experience.

There are a couple of major urban places that you might want to visit, including its capital Tokyo, as well as Osaka and Kyoto, just to name a few, but outside the urban sprawl, the country retains lots of its rural atmosphere and culture.



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