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India trip

India trip

An India trip will have you visiting an extremely old and thus extremely eclectic mélange of ethnic groups, which make up an intoxicating cultural cocktail for any traveler. The diversity is incredible, and once you’re there you won’t want to ever go back.

It’s quite hard to maybe impossible to capture the enigma that is India, thanks to its ability to inspire, thrill, confound and frustrate a bit all at once. The country offers an extraordinary spectrum of opportunities for the traveler.

Some of these will be challenging, especially for first-time visitors, the poverty is confronting and the local bureaucracy can drive one crazy while the sheer crush of humanity can turn a simple task into a battle. But this is part of the experience that an India trip will offer, even veteran travelers might find their sanity frayed a bit.

Going hand in hand with the cultural diversity there’s a spectacular geographic diversity as well, India’s landscapes ranging from snow-covered mountains to sun-washed beaches, from quiet temples to noisy bazaars and from lantern-lit villages to software-driven cities.

india-tripIndia is a wonderful destination for those looking for some spiritual sustenance, offering zounds of sacrosanct sites and interesting philosophies to look into, and history buffs will definitely love the place because of the many sites left behind by former empires and cultures.

But an India trip can also prove to be a great idea for those travelers who enjoy the outdoors, especially those into water-based activities but also camping and generally exploring. There are jungles to explore and wildlife safaris to go on, or you can stroll along one of the country’s many beautiful beaches.

Then there’s the food, and you need to brace yourself for what can be described as a wild culinary ride. India’s dishes will take you from frying, simmering and sizzling to keaniding and flipping, all of which wonderfully and perfectly marinated, spiced and whatever else.

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