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Iasi trip

Iasi trip

On a Iasi trip you’ll be visiting one of the oldest and most important settlements in Romania. The city has been the capital of the Moldova region for many centuries while also being a centre that produced extremely valuable Romanian personalities.

The center and symbol of the city is the Unification Square, it’s the place that pretty much every tourist route starts, you will simply have to see it anyway because it is rather large and hard to miss.

The Culture Palace was actually built on top of the ruing of the old King’s Court from 1434. While the palace started being used in 1926 the current building was rebuilt initially at the start of the 19th century, seeing several reconstructions by various leaders of their times. The building features a flamboyant NeoGothic style with lots of ornamental details and heraldic elements on the exterior. There are quite a few rooms that will definitely interest those looking to see into the past.

The Galata Monastery is called by some the Mother of all Moldavian churches, having been built between 1579-1584. The monastery complex is made up of three large buildings and is set on the top of a small hill which overlooks the valley of the local river, Nicolina. As far as the exterior design goes, the church has maintained the traditional elements of Moldavian architecture, however it does combine the styles of the then three Romanian Principalities; definitely a must-see sight, especially for those interested in religious architecture in general.

These are just a couple of the sights and attractions that Iasi has to offer, make sure to employ our Iasi car hire services while on your trip here because you will surely want the advantages that our Iasi car hire services will offer to you and your party.



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