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Holiday on the French Riviera in a Mobile Home

Holiday on the French Riviera in a Mobile Home

Winter is the best time to plan (or at least to dream of) the most beautiful vacations in sunny places. Today, we would like to talk of a possible Holiday on the French Riviera, Port Grimaud in a Mobile Home.

But first, let’s see what a Bungalow Mobil-Home is. For those of you who enjoy independence, accessibility and flexibility, the choice of renting a bungalow is optimal. It is particularly interesting if you are traveling with your family or friends. You can, for instance, explore the option of renting a Mobile Home at Port Grimaud on les Prairies de la mer. They are a very practical choice, offering an independent bathroom, a kitchen and quite a bit of indoor and outdoor area. There are bungalows with 2 or 3 rooms and even one with 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms, ideal for  the situation when there are two couples traveling together, who still enjoy having a bit more privacy. Kitchens are quite large and they are equipped with all the utensils, plates, glasses and cutlery, as well as table and chairs.

You can choose between Comfort, Grimaldine and Provencale Bungalows. The maximum capacity is 6 persons in up to 32 sqm. (The recommended number of tenants is, nevertheless, up to 4 adults and 2 kids). Among the other facilities you can enjoy, depending on the type of bungalow you choose, we can count sat TV, Wi-Fi Internet, air con, adjacent parking space, fridge, toaster and microwave.

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Port Grimaud is a blissfully quiet and idyllic seaside town on the French Riviera, just a few miles west of Saint Tropez. Built in the beautifully cozy Venetian style, it is filled with fishermen houses and is particularly popular among boat owners. The Mediterranean coastline of France is one of the top tourist areas in the country. You shouldn’t miss a trip there given half the choice!