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High season is over, welcome low season! – Part 2

High season is over, welcome low season! – Part 2

High season is over, welcome low season! If summer is nearly over, don’t panic: this doesn’t mean the time to go on vacation and have a blast is irrevocably over.

If this summer hasn’t been the best one for you and you didn’t get a chance to organize the holiday of your dreams or if you have already forgotten your vacation – which is already long over and passed maybe months ago – it is time to plan for a new one.

There are plenty of reasons to travel during the low season. This very nice time to travel to the best places for affordable prices begins in September and is only interrupted briefly by the winter season (a few weeks around Christmas and the New Year) and then stretches all the way through the spring all the way to the next summer to come.

So why would we travel during the low season? Barring some potentially inherent and unavoidable reasons – such as no time or no possibility to take holidays during that time of year – there are practical motivations to fuel this desire to travel, even beyond summer.

Accessible prices and the possibility to visit very famous and beautiful places for half the rates – here is motivation number one, which we already discussed about in our last article.

But here is another key idea: the low season is a great time for privacy. It is a good time to enjoy the beauty of a hyped, generally busy place – like a very popular European capital city – but you want to enjoy this without the hustle and bustle of the city, then the low season is the perfect time for you. You can take your family or friends or just enjoy a few days of blissful quiet solitude. The choice is yours: here’s a thought: go to Porto, rent a car in Porto, lodgings for a good affordable hotel and go wherever you like in Northern Portugal.



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