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The guide to London sights

The guide to London sights

A wise man once said you can never get tired of London. As busy, noisy and crowded as this industrial metropolis of the world may be, it has something addictive that keeps people wanting to come back for more. Probably the ultimate European destination for any English-speaker addicted to Victorian literature, many have attempted to create the guide to London sights.

The British capital city has just so many places to see and plenty of entertainment for everyone. But here is London in a few words and pictures:

Our own personal first choice is the Tower of London. Although it used to be a grizzly place of torture and horror, this site is a symbol of the city and perhaps the most busy and lively point of attraction. You can visit the Tower, see the famous crown jewels, have a short chat with the Beefeaters and buy a stuffed crow or English bear from one of the Souvenir shops outside.

Closeby, you can see the London Bridge and Big Ben. If you book a cruise on the Thames, the boat will take you as far as the town of Greenwich, where you can see the Observatory and the birthplace of Queen Elizabeth I. On the way, the guide will show you the most attractive spots on both shores of the Thames, including the house of Charles Dickens, the great Victorian writer.

Here are a few less known great sights of London: the Harry Potter & Warner Brothers Studio Tour, where you can see how the (movie) magic happened and the studios where most of the movie franchise was shot. (If you take a trip to Oxford, you will also see the exterior of the “school” in one of the colleges of the prestigious University.)

Our last stop is an amazing must-see sight: the British Museum, which needs no introduction, offers free entry and gives you the absolutely unique opportunity to see the most amazing works of art ever produced by men.

This having been said, have a great trip to London!



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