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Great waterways of the globe

Great waterways of the globe

We talk a lot about exploring places on foot or with a bike, but today we’ll look at some great destinations that can be explored by water, especially rivers, big and small, the great waterways of the globe. Exploring a destination via a waterway is a considerably quieter and more relaxing affair than the usual motorized vehicle options.

England – Narrowboating

England was both the starting and the focal point of the Industrial Revolution, and thanks to a plethora of rivers criss-crossing the countryside, waterways played a major role during that time. Thankfully the country has about 3000km of navigable canals and rivers and it’s a wonderful place for a bit of leisurely canal boating.

The canals are still populated by a plethora of narrowboats, with some of the most popular canals being the Kennet and Avon canal which run between the Rivers Thames and Avon. The Llangollen Canal makes the transition between England to Wales and some call it the most beautiful canal in Britain.

Russia – Cruising the Volga

The Volga is Europe’s longest river and it is a major destination for the cruise-loving crowds. It is in fact so large that ocean-style liners can be seen along it. These cruises will usually operate between St. Petersburg and Moscow, even though neither city is actually set on the Volga. Amongst the ports of call along the way include Uglich – this town is perched above the river, kind of like in a fairy tale, and also the island of Kizhi home to the World Heritage-listed Kishi Pogost where you can find one of Russia’s finest wooden buildings.

Canada – Bowron Lake Circuit

This is a destination for those who love canoeing, a lot. Located beneath the Mowdish and Cariboo Ranges, the Bowron Lake Provincial Park offers by far one of the finest canoe journeys you can ask for. This renowned canoe circuit crosses 10 lakes and three rivers for a combined length of 116km. Completing this circuit will take anywhere between six and ten days but it’s also for those more interested in a bit of a workout during their holiday.



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