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Have great hair in Oslo

Have great hair in Oslo

There are lots of reasons one would want to visit Oslo and you might be shocked but the weather is not one of them. Instead people tend to want to go there to experience this easy-going city and take in the Scandinavian atmosphere.

The city features a mix of old and new and is a great place to find world-class museums as well as a lively nightlife and lots of outdoorsy activities as well. Basically Oslo can offer lots of fun to everyone.

When going there you can have quite a few sights and attractions on your list of things to visit or see and sometime you’ll stumble across something that you weren’t exactly expecting or planning on visiting.

For instance you’re going to visit the Oslo Castle or more correctly known as Akershus Slott and Festning, a medieval castle and fortress which dominate the Oslo harbor front.

You can find out about the history of the building complex inside the main gate at the Akershus Fortress Information Centre and you can go on guded torus of the castle grounds on request.

The place must be on your list of things to visit and once you’re done there you can head on to the close-by Frogner Park – Frognerparken – where you can find another historic part of the city, the Frogner Manor.

Now we told you about these two places in order to set the scene for a different kind of location in Olso, the Head Hair salon located at Hegdehaugsveien 30, just behind the Castle and located at the beginning of the very exclusive shopping street Bogstadveien.

We mention this place because you might just be visiting Oslo at a particularly windy time and you may just need a bit of help to keep your hair under control, or maybe you feel the need for a haircut whilst on your vacation, regardless of the reason now you know where to find some really good Oslo haircutting services.



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