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Great destinations for horror movie fans (part 1)

Great destinations for horror movie fans (part 1)

There’s nothing that says horror movie fans can’t also be fond of traveling and why not blend the two and visit some of the great destinations that are either filming locations or locations represented in horror movies.

The North York Moors, England – An American Werewolf in London

The English moorland has a reputation for sinister stories beign set in it and you can really blame Sir Conan Doyle setting Sherlock Holmes’ “spectral hound” in Devon.

Due to the peculiarity of the locals,Yorkshire has always been known as something of a stand-alone country – even though it’s firmly planted within the borders of the UK – but never so peculiar as it does in the 1981 cult classic, in which a pair of American students meet their end at the sharp claws and teeth of werewolves.

Interestingly enough the key scenes weren’t shot in Yorkshire but since the plot took place here you can take in the landscape which offers a wide array of outdoorsy activities, alongside picturesque villages, a completely restored steam railway and not to mention Whitby – the setting of part of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The Isle of Skye and Plockton, Scotland – The Wicker Man

Keeping with the cult movie idea, The Wicker Man was filmed in many places around Scotland, although the movies setting, Summerisle, isn’t actually just one island. There is however, a small archipelago which bares that name, located farther north. Footage for the film was also taken from Skye or Plockton, both of which make good destinations for those interested in the Scotish landscape.

The Stanley Hotel, USA – The Shining

This time we’re looking at a true classic of all movies and the horror/thriller genre especially. Even though most of the movie was actually filmed in the UK, the exterior shops were those of the Overlook Hotel are actually of a real place called Timberline Lodge, located near Portland, Oregon.

The place is popular for its many snow related activities but at least some heading there are more interested to know if the elevator shafts have blood pouring from them.

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