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Gran Canaria Adventures

Gran Canaria Adventures

While the name “Canaria” might conjure up the idea of canaries (the colorful singing birds), the original name of the Spanish islands actually meant “The great island of dogs”. This might not be the most inspired introduction of the place, words fade when trying to describe the exotic beauty of Gran Canaria.

Set in the Atlantic Ocean, considerably closer to Africa than Europe geographically, the Canary Islands have been one of the most popular tourist destinations for decades now. Today, the archipelago is famed as a popular seaside destination, with an active night life and countless parties to attend, the history of the islands goes back to the 6th century BC, when the Canarii first populated the place. In the 15th century the islands were conquered by the Crown of Castile.

With a rich legacy and a beautiful setting, it is worth considering a few excursions in Gran Canaria, because there simply is too much that you mustn’t miss here. We have a few tips to share with you:

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria became the capital city of the island in 1478. An excursion here would take around the old town center, where the world famous Carnival is hosted, to the Botanical Garden, the beach of Las Canteras, after which you can enjoy an afternoon of shopping.

If you choose a tour around the Gran Canaria island, you can stop by the beautiful village of La Aldea, sunbathe at the Playa del Ingles and then have a romantic dinner with your loved one in Puerto Mogan, dubbed “the Little Venice”.

The “sister island” of Tenerife is nearby and if you are lodged in Gran Canaria, it is worth taking a day to go on tour.

There is a wealth of options to explore while visiting Gran Canaria. All you need is a bit of imagination and enthusiasm – otherwise, the success of your excursion in Gran Canaria is guaranteed.



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