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Gothenburg trip

Gothenburg trip

On the whole Sweden can be quite an expensive place to visit, but for those who want a great introduction to the country, without breaking the bank, there’s Gothenburg, or Goteborg. The city has affordable accommodation and a plethora of great attractions. The great thing is that even though we’re dealing with a coastal city here, the weather is oftentimes quite sunny.

Despite this, Gothenburg is the busiest port in Scandinavia, and this makes it have a very continental outlook, and it’s much more over-all European in feel, for instance the major boulevard of the city, Kungsportsavenyn is sometimes nicknamed as the ‘Champs Elysees’. The atmosphere is rounded up by the relaxed and cheerful vibe brought by the rather large student population.

Gothenburg is also where you’ll find the largest amusement park in Scandinavia, the Liseberg, which is filled with rollercoaster, ice cream and lights. There’s another amusement park called Universeum which is totally worth exploring as well.

Simply walking around the place will have you seeing heritage sites and museums, and all sorts of interesting sights, for instance like a 17th-century fortress and then after the next corner you can find a state-of-the-art 21st century building of glass and steel with some sort of multimedia twist to it.

Also while walking around the city you’ll notice that about ten percent of the city is actually made up of green spaces, so make sure you stroll through the charming parks and gardens when you need to relax a bit.

The great greenery goes with the Gota river which runs through the city. When the weather is sunny you can go on boat trips, and if boats aren’t your thing but you do wish to explore the surrounding islands a bit, you can take use the tram system for a nice day-trip of island-hopping.


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