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Going to the beach in Malta

Going to the beach in Malta

Are you planning a seaside vacation and you are out of ideas? We have an excellent idea for you: going to the beach in Malta!

An exotic vacation in an exotic place such as the island-state of Malta is just the thing to make your summer memorable. A mixture of history and commercial success, found at the crossroads between cultures, where the East meets the West, Malta is a highly appreciated – and quite affordable – destination for somebody who wants to combine entertainment and culture.

Being a Mediterranean destination, of course one of the main attractions of Malta is its beautiful and romantic sun-lit coast. Spending at least a day just lazing on the sand, in the sun, is a must for whatever Malta tour. So here is a list of top Malta beaches:

In West Malta, you can find one of the most popular beaches, Golden Bay, with its fine sand and excellent facilities, such as swimming, barbeque and snorkeling. It is ideal for everybody who likes fun and activities and it is suitable for families and groups of friends.

With its white sand and cerulean waters, Blue Lagoon in Comino is the best place to lie in the sun in summer and take the best landscape pictures during winter.

Mellieha Bay is the largest, most popular and perhaps most beautiful beach on the island. The fun never stops here and people are invited not only to sunbathe, but also to practice sports like windsurfing, canoeing, water skiing or canoeing.

If you are in search of a bit of privacy, go to Anchor Bay – popularly known as Popeye Village, as it was the setting for the 1979 Robin Williams film. You can sample the simple yet picturesque life of fishermen and the traditional village here.

Wherever you wish to travel while on the island, you can rent a car in Malta or call on Malta transfers for transportation!