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Going to Prague

Going to Prague

Prague is a city filled with almost surreal vistas, as if they’d been taken out of fairy-tales, a place that will make even a jaded traveler feel the need to snap some pictures. The place does after all have a castle on a hill and a very famous statue-covered bridge, to only mention two of the most important architectural sights that the place has to offer.

The city is a well-known central-European hub for culture, but it was also a great magnet for backpackers and the more adventurous of travelers, who wanted to visit what used to be ‘the wild, wild east’.

After the Velvet Revolution the city turned back into a first-class European city and its prices followed quickly after reaching that same level. However the attractions remain the same, Medieval, Gothic and Baroque architecture – alongside newer modern ones, there’s Wenceslas Square, the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square, and many-many more.

As for its culture hub status, the city has a very important national theatre, opera, many museums and galleries and a very long literary history. However one does not do well to consider only these sources of culture and ignore the local culture which is usually soaked in beer and some great food.

One major advantage to visiting Prague is that despite its large number of attractions, the place isn’t that big, however it is densely packed which makes for a lot of visiting in a very short amount of time. Depending on the amount of time that you have at your disposal you can start with the center and then radiate outwards.

It’s important to give the place some time to work its magic on you, because the hurried traveler won’t get to benefit from the city’s true charms.

Whether you plan on staying there just a few days or more, consider our Prague car hire services as your main means of transportation through and around the city.



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