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Going on a terracotta army tour

Going on a terracotta army tour

It can be hard to just say that you’re going to visit China without something of a plan in mind, the place is absolutely huge after all, but one way of going to China and ensuring you don’t waste any time is by purchasing a terracotta warriors tour.

The terracotta army is a massive collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang – the first Emperor of China.

The figures date from sometime around the late third century BC and are a form of funerary art and their purpose was to protect the entombed emperor in the afterlife.

Seeing the figures makes for a truly astonishing sight; they vary in height according to their roles, the tallest for instance, being the generals. The more astonishing part is that the warriors also come with chariots and horses, all made of terracotta.

Now when it comes to ways of visiting the site, your best choice will be to choose from a type of terracotta warriors tour which can range from day tours to more encompassing package tours.

You have to keep in mind that traveling to China may be even more difficult than going to other places, first of all because of the regime there and second of all because you won’t be visiting just a place where they speak a different language, but a place with a completely different culture so that can make things that much extra difficult.

That’s why you should go with a well established and tour company in Xian to arrange the terracotta warriors tour for you because they will be including all manner of services including transportation, tickets and meals, depending on the amount of time and type of tour you’re interested in.

This will be a truly unique experience that you won’t regret and it will work as a pretty good introduction to the country of China.