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Glasgow trip

Glasgow trip

A recent Glasgow trip will have you visiting a city undergoing a process of regeneration and evolution. The city is turning into an edgy place, where the Victorian architecture is being built upon with cutting-edge style bars and world-class restaurants, as well as a constantly developing night-club scene. The city also has a pounding live-music scene, one of the best in Britain, dedicated to homegrown beats.

Glasgow has been going through a very long-term transformation process, which is quite evident when looking along the regenerated River Clyde. This is where you’ll be able to explore in more detail the mighty maritime heritage that Glasgow boasts.

Talking of heritage, the museum and art gallery scene is quite wide ranging, and has recently benefited from the reopening of the majestic Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum – this particular venue is very typical to the Glasgow way of being, stripping off any falseness and showing things as they are, thus showing both the inspiring and the infuriating aspects of life in the city.

Glasgow has been through much, especially in recent memory, but this has only made it a metropolis that combines black humor – gotten from its darker times – with a general atmosphere of urban mayhem and friendliness, this is a very down-to-earth metropolis in which you could, theoretically at least, land a seaplane in the middle of – if you’d just happen to own and be able to pilot one.

The people of Glasgow are quite proud of their very working class background and left-leaning tradition, so much so that they view anything from Edinburgh with quite a large amount of contempt. Edinburgh being seen as something of a right-wing place, filled with prissy toffs and clipped accents.

Well there are many other things that you can see and do while on your Glasgow trip, make sure you employ our Glasgow car hire services as a means to see as many of these as possible.