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Fabulous Autumn Destinations: Canary Islands and Madagascar (Part 2)

Fabulous Autumn Destinations: Canary Islands and Madagascar (Part 2)

Dear friends, today we continue our exploration of the most exquisite places to go see the colors of fall. Though they may apparently have nothing in common, here are today’s Fabulous Autumn Destinations: Canary Islands and Madagascar!

If you remember from last time, we suggested Morocco’s Marrakech among the best autumn destinations. Now we move to its southern border on the Globe and land in the Canary Islands, an ever-sunny paradise of exotic delights, Carnivals and white-washed beaches. Comprising the famous islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and La Palma, the Canaries are a Spanish archipelago very well-loved by Western Europeans who come here to take shelter from the rain and cold of autumn.

Temperatures here in autumn rise well above 20 degrees Celsius and the activities you can enjoy here vary from sunbathing, hiking around the Teide National Park and practicing water sports to visiting museums and attending parties. (For the Carnival, however, you will have to wait for the spring). The only word of caution regards traffic: the place is very crowded, so it might be a good idea to rent a car before your trip or to book some airport transfers to avoid any problems navigating the beautiful narrow streets of the islands.

A large island in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar has the warm weather and exotic scenery in common with the Canary Islands. Only it takes exploring nature and the exotic air to a completely different level! The entire country-island can be regarded as a National Park: a colorful and spectacular display of nature and wildlife’s best!

The rainforest is home to thousands of exotic animals and rainbow colored birds (among whom we must mention the funny ring-tailed lemur portrayed in animation movies). Visit Ile Sainte Marie while you are here, as well as Ifaty (two dusty fishing villages on the sunny southwestern coast of Madagascar) to get a feel of the timeless beauty you can find only here!