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Europe weekend destinations (part 2)

Europe weekend destinations (part 2)

Today we’re finishing up our look into quick Europe weekend destinations and we’ll start by going somewhere cold.

Iceland – Akureyri

The country may be cold but it is also filled with extraordinary natural beauty, and the second-largest city on the island holds its own very well. wonderfully set on the banks of a fjord painted in ice-blue, and with a backdrop of cut-glass mountains, Akureyri manages to top the capital in the good-looks department. You may not expect it, but there’s a very compact grouping of very relaxed Parisian-style cafes and bars that serve great pastries and coffee by day and then turn into quite the lively drinking dens and restaurants by nights. While here keep in mind to sample the local delicacies such as puffin and horsemeat.

The Netherlands – Rotterdam

A bit less cold, but arguably more wet than Iceland, Rotterdam is known for its remarkable post-WWII architecture; this is due to the city having been almost completely destroyed during the conflict and then rebuilt with a modern aesthetic in mind. The city is however a great home for wonderful art as well, featuring collections of old Dutch masters and a very mesmerizing surrealist wing at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.

This is a port city after all, so during the evening and night the whole place comes to life with the beer houses, coffee shops and assorted eateries creating a great atmosphere that rivals that of the capital.

Italy – Perugia

It’s hard to call anything in Italy just a weekend destination, but if that’s all you got time for, then Perugia would be a good a place as any to check out. This medieval hill town situated in the heart of Umbria is a wonderful blend of very well preserved 13th-century architecture and a very modern cultural scene – thanks in large part to the large student population. Every evening appears to be the time for some sort of festivity because it feels like the entire city goes out on the main strip by the Great Fountain to eat, drink, hang out and play instruments.


Regardless which of these places you wish to visit during your weekend, keep our car rental services in mind.