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Estonia trip

Estonia trip

Going on an Estonia trip will take you to the smallest of the Baltic countries, but you won’t feel as if you’re in a small place, because the country makes its presence felt in the region. The country features lovely seaside towns, quaint country villages surrounded by verdant forests and marshlands, not to mention the plethora of cultural gems waiting to be found. The country also features some magnificent castles, pristine islands and a cosmopolitan capital set in the middle of medieval splendor.

The capital of Tallinn is considered to be the country’s crown jewel, featuring cobbled streets and restored 14th-century dwelling. There are dozens of cafes and restaurants that will make for an atmospheric retreat while ona break from exploring historic churches and similarly scenic ruins, galleries and boutiques.

Those who are into exploring the capital’s nightlife can choose from stylish lunges and nightclubs, there’s something for everyone while in Tallinn.

Outside of the capital, the bucolic landscapes hide a plethora of attractions such as Lahemaa National Park which features lush forests and beautiful coastal trails, or go towards the town of Otepaa which has a very laidback atmosphere and some great ski trails. But that’s not all the country also has some lovely beach towns, spa resorts and more medieval ruins peppered about its western shores.

Even further west you can find the country’s biggest island, Saaremaa, where you’ll find picturesque towns like Angla, Karja, Triigi and Tuhkana, which feature iconic windmills, 19th-century lighthouses, unspoilt beaches and even more medieval ruins.

One of the major features of Estonia is covered in huge areas of forests, wooded meadows and under-appreciated bogs, all of which make up a great backdrop for numerous outdoorsy activities. You might want to go hiking or horse riding along the coastline, not to mention there’s also canoeing over flooded forests and many more.



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