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England trip

England trip

When people talk about an England trip they might actually be referring to the country of England and not the United Kingdom, and that’s a very easy confusion to make for those who come from outside the country.

England is actually only the most centre part of the British Isles, a place that has been a beacon of democracy and a bastion of ideological freedom throughout its long history – except for when it wasn’t any of those things. However the place did spawn a major world empire as well as the Industrial Revolution, the Magna Carta, the King James Bible and the welfare state.

England has been part of world history ever since the Romans thought of invading it, having to stop at a certain point because they couldn’t go farther into Celtic tribe lands. While the large majority of sights and attractions will start with about the Roman period, there are surely many other much older places to hold one’s attention, such as Stonehenge of course.

There’s a particular type of beauty to traveling in England, not only because the countryside is quite charming but also because of the rather compact nature of the country. This means that you’ll be spending less time going from one place to another and actually spending more time in them so as you can much better immerse yourself in the scenery, or town, city or village.

It won’t matter if you’re strolling through the undulating hills of Oxfordshire, rock climbing in the Peak District or cycling in Norfolk, or visiting one of the many wonderful museums, parks or art galleries in the country, England has lots to offer its visitors, be they into adventure, the outdoors, or history.

All you really need is our United Kingdom car rental services and some time to enjoy the place.



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