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Eindhoven trip

Eindhoven trip

Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands and it’s characterized by a large degree of development and modernity, as opposed to many of the main Dutch cities. The city’s history has been always dominated by industrial development and it’s considered by many to be Philips city, because this is where the electronics giant started.

If you’re planning on visiting Eindhoven there’s basically no way that you can escape the reach of the Philips name and its importance in the city’s development, there are several sights related to this through the city. However there city does feature quite a few museums and other interesting landmarks besides Philips-themed ones.

One of the main attractions is the Van Abbemuseum which is a great place for those interested in modern and contemporary art. The collection it sports is quite impressive featuring works from names such as Picasso, Chagal and Theo van Doesburg.

The Historic Open Air Museum offers you the chance to take a jump backwards in time and see the city’s history, showing reconstructions of an Iron Age village, a farm from around the year 1000 as well as the Medieval town.

A less traditional type of attraction is the Saint Catharina church archaeologic excavation which took place here some years back. This is where the skeleton of a 14-year old boy was found, after been buried in medieval times.

The St. Catharina church itself is an interesting building to visit as well, it’s a neo-Gothic church with two differently detailed towers.

As we mentioned earlier, industry has played a very important part in the city’s history and you can get a good sense of this when you visit the former industrial complexes in the city’s centre, this is where you can find the first Incandescent Lamp Factory from 1891 – Philipis of course, as well as the Strijp-S, the famous Clock building and many other.


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