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Easter destinations – Malta

Easter destinations – Malta

Taking another look at potential Easter destinations, today we’ll be taking a look at Malta, a country with a very deep religious history but also with a very long history in general and lots of places and things to see and do.


Not many people realize that the country of Malta is actually made up of an archipelago consisting of three inhabited islands: the biggest one is Malta, then there’s Gozo and Comino.

Malta is quite possibly one of the most religiously Catholic countries in the world, hosting a lot of parades and celebrations during this part of the year, and as such it is one of the most interesting destinations to spend Easter and Holy Week.

The start of Holy Week marks the beginning of an intense sequence of traditions, parades and spiritual celebrations in general. It appears that each country has its own particular traditions which it celebrates on certain days of Holy Week, for Malta those special days are Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, all of them being celebrated with a lot of passion and quite a bit of spirituality.

When it comes to Good Friday, quite a few Maltese towns and villages engange in reconsturction of biblical scenes, making for some very captivating displays. On this important day of the year you’ll see a variety of types of parades like the Roman soldiers’ spectacles or the processions, where the participants – dressed in white robes and hoods – walk with metal chains tied at their ankles while carrying wooden crosses.

Easter Sunday is dominated by a very festive and joyful atmosphere, despite its great religious significance. This is a day when family members gather to spend some time together, have lunch, drink and exchange present over their traditional Easter dinner – it usually consists of lamb, potatoes and vegetables. The most popular sweet for the Maltese Easter is the figolla – a sweet baked pastry filled with almonds.

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