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Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik Croatia

The city of Dubrovnik Croatia is by far the country’s most popular tourist destination, and for good reasons, since this walled and sea-battered city can be found lying quietly at the foot of an old mountain.

Dubrovnik is quintessentially a medieval town but with a twist, because it was rebuilt by Baroque planners as a result of a disastrous earthquake back in 1667. And this leads to one of the city’s most interesting and appealing tourist attractions, it’s historic centre which seems to the untrained eye to have been almost suspended in time ever since.

This means that 18th century churches and public buildings blend rather seamlessly with green-shuttered stone houses, the entire ensemble being left pretty much untouched by neither the twentieth nor the twenty-first century. Outside the city walls, suburban Dubrovnik features a truly Mediterranean atmosphere with gardens full of colorful bougainvillea and oleanders and trees weighted down by their fruit: figs, lemons, oranges and peaches.

One other thing that makes Dubrovnik Croatia worth visiting is that it’s a great year-round destination, even though spring and summer are by far the best times because this is when life almost literally spills out onto the streets and the café tables are almost constantly packed bringing out the best in the city.

Travel photography of Dubrovnik Croatia

Travel photography of Dubrovnik Croatia

During the months of July and August is when the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is in full gear, when the country’s cultural luminaries visit here to add a bit more glamour to the streets. During the winter, better said on the 3rd of February there’s the Feast of St. Blaise, the patron saint of the city, when there’s a massive parade as well as a special mass, followed of course, by lots of eating and drinking.

There are lots of things to see and do while in Dubrovnik, from the historical ones to the natural attractions as well as simply rocking some time on the beach, rest assured that you won’t be lacking things to do while in Dubrovnik Croatia.



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