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Dubai: Fantasy and Facts

Dubai: Fantasy and Facts

A gem of extravagant luxury and cultural development which bloomed as if out of thin air at the very heart of the Arabian Desert, Dubai is the most popular (and the most populated) of the 7 emirates of the UAE.

First documented in the 11th century, this old land of myth, mystery and exotic desert beauty is today known as one of the greatest metropolitan centers on Earth. Its prominence in the industry of oil, but also the considerable revenues coming from trade have also fundamentally established Dubai as one of the most coveted tourist destinations.

Dubai is widely regarded as “the shopping capital of the Middle East”, as it encourages the continuous flow of Occidental currency to the Emirate through shopping. This is the most popular activity for tourists flocking here from all corners of the world. No veritable “shopaholic” could ever miss the Dubai Mall, the greatest shopping center on the Planet.

A land of superlatives, Dubai also hosts the world’s (allegedly) most luxurious hotel: Burj Al Arab, which was thought to be the only 7-star hotel in the world for a long time.

A Muslim country, Dubai is nevertheless unique in the sense that an occidental’s experience here will most probably not be as intimidating as expected. Dubai has a very cosmopolitan government, which tolerates cultural and religious differences. Although Dubai etiquette imposes (by law even) “decent clothing”, Western attire is tolerated, especially in tourist areas.

The cultural landscape of the Emirate of Dubai is also rich and colorful, mostly centered around the Arab and Bedouin culture. But Dubai is more than skyscrapers made of steel and glass and luxurious hotels. The old and the new entwine in this land of Dubai: fantasy and facts. Reminiscent of the British protectorate, the most popular sports here are football and cricket.

The transport network is very intricate and the infrastructure is highly developed. To afford more freedom to travel to whatever corner of the busy city of Dubai, renting a car can prove useful.

With this little ABC, you are most welcome to plan your Dubai trip and let us know all about your experience!