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Discover Croatia in style

Discover Croatia in style

For many holidaymakers, the first thing that comes to mind when talking about sun destinations is a holiday in Majorca, the Greek islands, or Turkey. While these are all fantastic and well-established destinations, there is another place to keep in mind if you are looking for stunning scenery, pleasant weather, and good value for your money. For years, Croatia has been a hidden gem in the Mediterranean. After all, nearly 15 million tourists every year cannot be wrong. Get inspired for your next holiday in Croatia with a top company like Transun, and find out more about the best-rated destinations in the country.


The island of Hvar is one of Croatia’s star destinations. Despite its small size, the island is home to many different natural landscapes, including lavender fields, pine forests, fruit and flower orchards, valleys, mountains, quiet coves, and dramatic coastal scenery. Hvar was inhabited by Greeks, Romans, and many other cultures. As a result, the island’s towns and villages boast fascinating examples of architecture. Other things to do in Hvar include visiting wineries, sailing, shopping for handicrafts, and of course sunbathing. At a company like Transun for example, they offer several types of holidays to Hvar, from 3-night to 7-night breaks, so that you can choose what suits you best.

The Dalmatian Coast

There are more than 1,000 islands in Croatia, although only 60 of those are inhabited. The Dalmatian coast offers some of the Mediterranean most stunning views, and at the likes of Transun as well as other companies, they want you to enjoy everything that this area has to offer. The best way of visiting the Dalmatian coast is with a cruise. As an example of the options available, our island-hopping itineraries include visits to Mljet National Park, Sipan, Korcula, and Brac, while visiting enroute the famous cities of Dubrovnik and Split.

The Highlands

Croatia enjoys a privileged location between the sea and the mountains. The interior of the country is blessed with imposing mountain ranges, which rise more than 5,300 feet above sea level. A trip to Croatia’s Highlands is perfect for outdoors enthusiasts and nature lovers, and is also ideal for bird watchers. Rare species such as lynx, bears, and wild cats are at home at the region’s Risnjak National Park. At nearby Plitvice Lakes National Park you will definitely be stunned at the vivid colours of the lake’s waters, which contrast beautifully with the surrounding vegetation. Don’t miss the chance to explore this magnificent destination.



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