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Destinations to dream of when it’s cold outside – Part 2

Destinations to dream of when it’s cold outside – Part 2

Destinations to dream of when it’s cold outside “strikes” again: today I was thinking about taking you on a lovely tour of one of my all time favorite countries: Italy.

Italy is one of the most zestful of all places. It is a great destination for soft core travelers and for seasoned ones as well, because there are a lot of spots to explore and experiences to savor.
The only important question you need to ask yourself when you are going to come to Italy is, what part of the country are you going to be visiting?
Because there are just so many options. But no Italian voyage could ever be authentic or true without a stop by Rome, the vibrant capital city. Rome is an eternal city of contrasts, extreme beauty and culture, but also, majestic history and little flaws that will bring you back to that quintessentially human experience of life.
Some of the spots you simply cannot miss include a visit to the Colosseum, a dinner at one of the lovely taverns at the center of town and the Pantheon, the final resting place of so many of the Italian great minds and personalities.
To roam around Rome – pun on words totally intended – you’d best rent a car in Rome Airport to get your wheels just as soon as you land and jumpstart your Roman adventure!
Another compulsory stop on your Italian tour is Venice, the city of love. Regardless of whether you are planning on coming here during the Carnival season or outside of it, you will surely enjoy your stay especially if you are traveling with your loved one. This is a very intimate and wonderful experience, the city being time and time again bisected by many streams bridged , with gondolas more frequent than any other forms of conveyance.
And the Italian tour does not stop here…