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Destinations to dream of when it’s cold outside – Part 1

Destinations to dream of when it’s cold outside – Part 1

Here are the best Destinations to dream of when it’s cold outside. The idea came to me as I was staring at the white computer screen, mug of hot chocolate next to me, all curled up in a ball thinking I had such a strong desire to travel, but so little wish to go out in the cold.

The warmth of the room and the cinnamon and chocolate aroma made me remember some of the greatest places to be.
What kind of place do you dream of when it’s cold outside? With Christmas just a few weeks away, you would think there are so many things to do for the season. But actually I sometimes dream of the warmth of the sun on such days. It’s such a great thing to have memories, warm memories, to make your cold day happier.
One of the first places that pop to mind is Lisbon. It is such a warm and “solar” place to begin with. Everytime you are there, you can’t help but notice how the sun shines mildly and warmly over the entire being, its yellow reflections accentuated by the soft orange and yellow glows of the paint on the houses and the azulejos.
Lisbon is a great place to just breathe in, to simply enjoy. You can spend a lot of time just roaming around, getting the feel of the city and interacting briefly with the people, who are so kindly and friendly.
One of the best ways to explore the city freely if to rent a car in Lisbon. This way, you can have all the freedom you need to visit the Park of Nations, the Azulejos Museum and the Oceanario to learn all there is to know about the wonderful marine life.
This makes for a lovely place to dream about, right?