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Denia trip

Denia trip

Those planning a Denia trip should know that they’ll be visiting a very small but tourist-centric city, located at the north of Alicante. Normally it has a population of about forty thousand inhabitants, so a small city, however this can more than double during the high tourist season.

The main attraction that attracts so many people to Denia is the number of great beaches it has. There are about twenty kilometers of coastline divided into three different parts, a sandy part, a rocky part and the harbor part.

Each of the regions have particular characteristics in regards to features and the level of crowds that populate them, for instance the beaches in the harbor region will usually be most crowded because they are closer to the city, but also because they are also popular with families because they offer lots of play areas for kids.

Depending on whether you want to just lounge in the sun, or enjoy some water sports or water-related activities, you will surely find at least a couple of beaches to your liking. You can visit these much easier if you employ our Denia car hire services.

While the beaches might be the main attraction of Denia, and that is can surely be enough for many, the city also has a couple historical sights that will keep your interest and make you want to actually do something else than go to the beach.

The Denia Castle is in quite a good condition, with most of its main wall still being up. Visiting the place is a great experience in itself and the view from the castle is possibly the best spot to take pictures of the town, the port and the surroundings.

These are of course only a few examples of what Denia has to offer, rest assured that going there won’t be boring for one second.



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