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A culinary trip back in time: European Medieval Cuisine (Part 2)

A culinary trip back in time: European Medieval Cuisine (Part 2)

What did we promise last time? That we would make your mouth water by taking a culinary trip back in time: European Medieval Cuisine (Part 2).

Last time we talked about what could be found in the markets and in the kitchens of our medieval friends in the pre – (American) “culinary revolution” days, ante-potato, tomato and Corn, pepper and chilli. What can we do with only wheat, rye, almonds and meat? We are about to find out, as we take a look into a few Medieval dishes!

Boar terrine (and yes, the boar is a wild pig). Instructions are limited to how to cook your meal, not including hints as to how to actually catch it. To prepare 10 plates of this magnificent dish, you need 1 kg of boar meat, 300 g of smoked bacon, 2 loaves of bread, 30 ml of red wine, 1 egg, 1 peeled onion, 1 clove garlic, salt and pepper. To prepare it, you need to marinate the meat with red wine, cut the onion in two and make a bread bedding. Place the marinated meat and the bacon and add the egg. Put everything in a pot and cook it for an hour in an 180 C hot oven. The trickiest part is to wait for another 24 hours afterwards before serving it.

As a dessert, may we interest you in Poached pears in red wine? This is actually a simple dish: all you have to do is boil a few pears in an extract made of orange juice, sugar and red wine for some 10 minutes. Well, yes, afterwards you have to extract the pears, put them on a plate and reduce the wine so that it becomes more of a juicy syrup, then cover the poached pears with it and serve while they are still warm.

These are French dishes, but there are very similar variations throughout Europe. Bon appetit!