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Cool Destinations for Solo Travelers

Cool Destinations for Solo Travelers

Organizing a vacation is a lot of work, especially when you have to coordinate people and their agendas. If you want to leave friends and family behind and travel alone, here are some interesting destination, both in the terms of entertainment, as well as of opportunities.

Costa Rica

In 2012, Costa Rica ranked first in the Happy Planet Index report. Tourists have access to a variety of activities: rafting on the Reventazon river, horseback riding, visiting volcanoes and geysers in Vieja National Park. For those well-behaved and less adventurous travelers, Costa Rica has dozens of beaches, some of them isolated, but still neat. In addition, accommodation is pretty cheap.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is an ideal city for solo holidays that will not be so “solo” after all. It is the most liberal place in Europe and the Dutch are among the most open-minded Europeans. You are encouraged to explore the city by bike and relax in coffee shops.


Tunisia could become the new Morocco thanks to British, Italians and French tourists whom you can find all over the place. Located between Algeria and Libya, this could be the most progressive country in the Muslim world. Capital Tunis is an impressive combination between Mediterranean and North African culture. Here you can find mosques, cafes and Art Nouveau French buildings. Tunisia is the place of one of the richest bazaars in the world, with an unmatched offer in terms of carpets, pipes and hookahs. So, if you are a shopping enthusiast, you will love Tunisia for sure.


Germany is probably one of the most beloved countries in the world and it is easy to understand why. English is spoken by most people and the traditional German organization can guarantee that you will never get lost or bored. You can go to Berlin, the cool European capital or participate in the largest World Beer Festival, Oktoberfest. And since we are talking about Oktoberfest, this is not the only attraction Munich has to offer. Marienplatz, Nymphenburg Palace, Deutsche Museum, Tierpark Hellabrunn or the Bavarian Castles are just some of the major touristic attractions in Munich, perfect for a solo traveler.

The Black Forest Mountains await nature lovers, and for those passionate about history there are the historic towns along the Romantic Road. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons for holiday in Germany.


Iceland is a country of contrasts, where the dramatic landscapes are combines with modern cities, where you can find culture, good food and a lively nightlife. Also, tourists should not miss the Blue Lagoon geothermal baths, located in a zone of volcanic activity in the south- west of the island.

Vienna, Austria

Nowhere else will you feel more secure as in Vienna, a capital equally charming for both younger and older people. If you happen to travel alone, you simply have got to explore museums and palaces and you will not get bored. Viennese cafés are quite small and cozy and you will never feel awkward for having a cup of coffee alone.


The Irish are friendly and always have an extra seat in the pub for the weary traveler. Tourists can relax exploring rural sights or the numerous pubs in the Dublin city center.

What is your next solo vacation destination?



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