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Choosing the right Greek island (part 1)

Choosing the right Greek island (part 1)

Maybe you’re considering a Greek trip this holiday season, and you’d do well to do a bit of research before heading there because with more than two thousand islands, choosing a Greek island will decide on the type of experience that you’ll have. Maritime Greece features a plethora of attractions from beaches, history, cycling, trekking, water sports, festivals and many others to choose from, so let’s take a quick gander at which places do which thing best.

KefaloniaBest Greek beaches – Crete, Lipsi, Kefalonia, Skiathos, Mykonos

It’s a pretty good assumption to make that pretty much every Greek island has at least above average beaches, and you’d be right in that assumption. However, in this category we’re looking the islands that will offer you the best beaches in the country.

Crete has the laid-back Frangokastello Beach on its southern coast, which also features a Venetian castle, but for turquoise waters you should go to quiet Lipsi and try Platys Gialos and Kambos, as well as the wonderful cove at Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia.

For those of you looking to mingle and be part of the mainstream masses, head onto one of Skiathos’ 65 beaches, such as the Koukounaries Beach or the nudist-friendly Banana and Little Banana Beach. Then there are the legendary Paradise and Super Paradise beaches on the decadent Mykonos.

Take your pick, because there are lots to choose from.

Best Greek treks – Crete, Naxos, Alonnisos, Skopelos

Crete is the country’s largest island, and its terrain varies from gentle plateaus dotted with windmills to mountains and canyons. Hiking in the Samaria Gorge for instance will have you experience the continent’s longest gorge at 16km, and will take you through the homeland of the island’s well-known wild goat, the kri kri.

Naxos is a very fertile island and features many walking trails along ancient paths connecting the villages of the central plain, on your treks here you’ll see ancient temples, Hellenistic towers and Byzantine churches.