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Cascais trip

Cascais trip

Going on a Cascais trip is what many people will consider their dream vacation, because Cascais is a very attractive seaside town, with lovely beaches, a very active and youthful atmosphere and a well-known and well-deserved resort status. Even though the city is such a well-known tourist destination, it still manages to be an active fishing port, so it’s so much more than just a resort town.

Actually Cascais started its history as a simple fishing village, till 1870 when the royal court went there for the summer and they also brought scores of nobility after them. This popularity with the upper classes meant that Cascais was left with some massive pastel-colored buildings as well as a very striking citadel.

The city also has a couple of quirky museums, great gardens and thanks to the working port, a very lively fish market.

The Citadel was the building where the aforementioned royal family used to spend the summer, and it features a beautiful chapel, however it is now occupied by the military so it’s out of bounds to visitors, however, there are plans to open it as a museum in the future.

One of the sights that you’ll not want to miss is both an architectural sight as well as a cultural one, namely the Museu Condes de Castro Guimaraes. This is a very peculiar building to be here, having been built by an Irish aristocrat in the beginning of the 19th century, the whimsical building features castle turrets and an Arabic cloister.

But the lavishly decorated interior is thanks to the building’s second owner, the Count of Castro Guimaraes, who used 17th century Indo-Portuguese cabinets, Oriental silk tapestries and 17th century azulejos to decorate his new property.

From what we’ve talked in this small article you can surely understand that the city offers many more to its visitors, so make sure you employ our Cascais car hire services in order to see as much of the place as possible.



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