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Bucharest trip

Bucharest trip

Romania’s capital of Bucharest doesn’t have the best of reputations amongst European travelers and not even amongst the country’s inhabitants truth be told, but that is more a remnant of older impressions, modern-day Bucharest features a rather perplexing mismatch of architectural eras, simply walking around will give you the sense that you’re walking through some time of time distorsion.

The place used to be known as the Little Paris at the start of the 20th century, and you can still see many signs of that when you walk down its wide boulevards and when you see the ostensibly French palaces with their Baroque clam-shaped canopies, however most of that architectural beauty was lost during the Communist-era brutal phase of rebuilding, so the typical grey housing monoliths are present here as well. So are a few remains of medieval churches and courts alongside 21st-century glass and steel office buildings, and all of these are just on the surface.

Bucharest is also the home of Romania’s best museums, and it has quite a few of them ranging in subjects, some of the more interesting being the archaeological ones and the ones that illustrate the rural side of Romanian life – which you can still actually find in quite a few places, more or less unchanged – only relatively recently has more than half of the population been living in cities, and quite a decent chunk of those have started migrating back to their rural roots after the 1989 Revolution.

The city’s historic centre is almost completely pedestrianized, and has been undergoing a rebuilding phase for quite a while now. This place marries the old buildings and cobblestoned streets with open-air bars and pubs which will be filled at all times by the lively student base which also ensures that the nightlife scene in the place is always buzzing.


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