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Brasov trip

Brasov trip

The city of Brasov is considered by many to be the heart and hub of Transylvania, the place is a wonderful Saxon-influenced town which makes for a great base for exploring the region’s many sights and attractions, but you could just as easily stay in Brasov and still have your plate full of things to see and do.

The place revels in its medieval glory and the historic centre is still mostly surrounded by its medieval stone walls which have been rather well-preserved thanks to them not being penetrated by modern roads. The centre is coble stoned and it spreads out in tiny alleyways with baroque facades and tiny churches. The atmosphere is definitely Saxon, the buildings feature plenty of Saxon influenced architecture.

One of the most popular destinations is Mount Tampa which you can see jutting up right outside the city’s medieval walls. It now features a Hollywood sign style “Brasov” which lights up at dusk and has a plethora of open-air cafes, bars and eateries. It’s true that this is a very touristy areas, but the place has always been a major pull for tourists so it can be understood to some degree. There are many other areas that are not as touristy in and around the city, rest assured.

The city itself and the Prahova Valley that it is located in offer a plethora of potential destinations for day-trips, including the actual “Dracula castle” in Bran, by which we mean the actual castle of Vlad Tepes, the inspiration for Bram Stocker’s creation.

As for Brasov, its major landmark has to be the Black Church, which is the largest Gothic-style church between Vienna and Istanbul which is still being used by German Lutherans to this day. Having been built in almost a century – due to an Ottoman razing – between 1383 and 1480, the church got its name after a fire consumed its appearance in 1689.


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