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Botosani trip

Botosani trip

A Botosani trip will have you visiting one of the few Romanian cities that got its start as an actual medieval market. The fact that it started as a place for business and trading meant that it saw quite a rapid evolution, quickly becoming one of the most important trading towns in Moldova. The place benefited from a great geographical location which allowed many foreign traders to set up shop here.

The town’s historic centre, has been in its current configuration since about the middle of the 19th century, however it should be noted that what you will see has actually been rebuilt because of a massive fire that raged through the city in 1887. However, today the center is quite a wonderful architectural reservation of sorts, which has been constantly preserved by all the city’s mayors.

We should talk a bit about the various attractions that the town has to offer its visitors, such as the Agafton Monastery. Now this isn’t exactly inside the town, it’s actually eight kilometers away from the place, and it has been there for almost three centuries. Well actually, the initial church was a small wooden one, but that one burnt down and it was replaced by a stone one in 1838.

There’s another major religious location that you can visit, a monastery complex this time, located at twenty-four kilometers from the city. The complex was made up initially from four churches, however the oldest one, built around 1600, has not survived. The three remaining churches were built in 1793, 1835 and 1853.

The Botosani County Museum is housed in what used to be the Administrative Palace, built between 1906-1914. So besides seeing the actual building, you can visit the archaeology and history sections.

There are quite a few other things to see and do in and around Botosani so make sure you use our Botosani car hire services.



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