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Best way to learn British English for free!

Best way to learn British English for free!

French fries or chips? Candy or sweets? Subtle, yet somehow substantial differences between the American dialect and British standard English may make the difference between speakers, so we suggest the best way to learn British English for free!

Today, English is decidedly the universal language of the world. But the subtle nuances in speaking and the different dialect of the British from what we hear on tv may make a difference when we want to impress with our Standard, cultivated expression.

For this, there are a few tips you would appreciate, since a new tool is available and very easy to use now, providing the best way to learn British English for free!

A new and fun website, suggests a simple, quick and entertaining method of acquiring British English skills. Created by a British English teacher, this free tool offers interesting lessons that basically stress the differences between British and American English, but also offer insightful input into the proper use of British English. The website is simple and pleasant to browse and you will surely benefit a lot.

Apart from the (already renowned) foods that differ in British English from the American vernacular, which make up a lesson in school for kids all around the world, few might actually know that Brits say they “eat their tea” for example when referring to the ritual of taking tea and supper, the afternoon meal of the day.

So all you have to do is take a quick online lesson, ask for help if needed, and “Bob’s your uncle.” Has the last expression left you totally in the dark? Actually “Bob’s your uncle” is a British English idiom (popular in the Commonwealth nations as well) which means “all finished” or “we’re all done”. So for now, armed with the linguistic weapon of the website, “Bob’s your uncle!”



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