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Best Russian Banya in New York City

Best Russian Banya in New York City

Where to find the Best Russian Banya in New York City is serious business! The Russian steam sauna – also known as Banya – is counted among the oldest in the world.

Hot inside – the heat and steam rising progressively as one steps higher and higher – the banya is followed by a refreshing plunge into an ice-cold pool (or, if you find yourself in Siberia, into the very snow outside).

In the past, when taking a bath was a commodity, a privilege even, the sauna used to be a place of rendezvous and socializing. Today, the situation is not so different. So if you want to take your friends out in the Big Apple, you can choose an interesting activity, like a Russian Banya. Here are a few Russian Baths NYC you should check out:

Did you think Manhattan is all about business and Wall Street is all about wolves? There is plenty of entertainment available, some of it provided by the Wall Street Bath and Spa, located on 88 Fulton Street. With a little luck, if you sign up for the VIP section, you might actually meet a true oligarch here. Surprisingly enough, although the spa is mostly frequented by bankers and businessmen, the entry price is… “wallet-friendly”, so to speak – around 35 dollars.

In East Village, there is another experience you can test at the Russian and Turkish Baths on 268 East 10th Street. The institution has a history dating back to 1892. Don’t let the primeval atmosphere put you off: the experience is truly royal.

Brooklyn comes with 2 alternatives and even more accessible prices: 30 dollars entry fee: Mermaid Spa on 3703 Mermaid Avenue and Sandoony USA on 1158 McDonald Avenue. All walks of life are welcome to meet and interact here. So no matter where in New York you can always enjoy your amazing banya!