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Best Beaches in Sri Lanka

Best Beaches in Sri Lanka

With a destiny closely related to India, an island, apart from the main, yet influenced by the culture of their closest neighbors, the colorful island of Sri Lanka is one of the most exotic destinations in the world. As a wonderful seaside resort, everybody is interested to know more about the Best Beaches in Sri Lanka.

Known as a multicultural haven, Sri Lanka’s sense of liberty and apparent disregard for ethnicity, religion or orientations also attracts millions of Western world visitors, all eager to find a warm spot to lie in the sun on one of the wonderful beaches. The tourist industry has developed here, new 5-star hotels being built and the sports and events being organized on the countless beaches. Aside from the traditional sunbathing and swimming activities, more adventurous travelers can enjoy cruises and water sports, like yachting, surfing, scuba diving or kayaking.

Best Beaches in Sri Lanka

Best Beaches in Sri Lanka

Of all the beaches in Sri Lanka, the  Mount Lavinia beach is probably the most popular in the entire capital city of Colombo. Including hotels, restaurants and accommodating various activities, from sunbathing to windsurfing and beach volleyball, this is a common place for people to come celebrate their wedding or anniversary party.

Beruwala Beach is next in line, located on the Southern coast of the island. It is the place to go if you are an adventurous tourist, with snorkeling and para-sailing being just a couple of the many activities you can enjoy here. Bentota, for instance, is a famous location for water sports, including the Bentota Beach Hotel and the Club with the same name.

If you are captivated by the marine life and you want to catch a glimpse of its wonders, you may watch blue whales and dolphins on the beautiful white-washed coast of Mirissa. This is an amazing low-profile, quiet spot for those of you who are traveling with family or are in search of privacy.

We have given you just a few suggestions, of course, but the list is endless and probably the best way to find out all about Sri Lanka is simply to book plane tickets and go see for yourself!